RWK-VRRSR  $12.50

1/25 Scale Vintage Reinforced Racing/
Stock Racing
Resin Racing Wheel Kit
(Reinforced &Stock Style Wheels)

36 Piece Kit

2 - Stock Outside Wheel Barrels
2 - Stock Inside Front Wheel Barrels
2 - Reinforced Outside Wheel Barrels
2 - Stock Inside Rear Wheel Barrels
16 - Center Sections (8 Styles, 2 Each)
2 - Heavy Duty Center Sections
4 - 1/2 Ton Hubs
4 - 3/4 Ton Hubs
2 - Spinners

The Outer Wheel Barrels are distinguisable from the Inside Wheel Barrels by the depth of the shoulder on two barrels and the Reinforced Shoulder on two barrels.  The Inside Wheel Barrels have a deeper shoulder to clear the brakes that you choose to use.  We carry several sizes of Aluminum and Photo-Etch disc brakes along with Vintage Buick Finned Brake Drums.