RWK-VRR  $12.50

1/25 Scale Vintage Reinforced Racing
Resin Racing Wheel Kit
(Stock Style Wheels)

20 Piece Kit

2 - Reinforced Outside Front Wheel Barrels
2 - Stock Inside Front Wheel Barrels
2 - Reinforced Outside Rear Wheel Barrels
2 - Stock Inside Rear Wheel Barrels
4 - Heavy Duty Center Sections
4 - 3/4 Ton Hubs
4 - 1/2 Ton Hubs

The Outer Wheel Barrels are distinguisable from the Inside Wheel Barrels by the Reinforced Shoulder.  The Inside Wheel Barrels have a deeper shoulder to clear the brakes that you choose to use.  We carry several sizes of Aluminum and Photo-Etch disc brakes along with Vintage Buick Finned Brake Drums.